Bill Gates Ends Full Time Job at Microsoft


Bill Gates at Microsoft 2005 Conference

William Henry Gates III, popularly known as Bill Gates, will  ‘transition’ from his current post as Chairman Microsoft Corp to Non-Executive Chairman on June 27th. Putting it in simpler terms, he’ll be required to come to office only once a week or two rather than the full 5 days as he does now! 


While Microsoft may refer to this as a simple ‘transition’, we all know that it is much more than that. Bill is the face of Microsoft as it stands today and I’m guessing a plastic surgery in this case wont be so easy and effective either. Even if some of us might claim that he’ll still be a Chairman (though not full time), speaking in corporate terminology, its just a way to ensure that the loss of such a public figure doesn’t plunge the company’s stock seawards. Its ultimately a terrible loss for Microsoft however hard they may argue that there’s no single point of failure or that the company is too big to be affected by next week’s events. 


And Microsoft is well aware of this fact. The recent interest to acquire Yahoo! Inc. was a way to protect themselves from the onslaught of other mighty giants in the industry! Microsoft also knows that once Bill exits it’ll be as vulnerable as once IBM was, the same company Microsoft successfully displaced to become the king of the tech industry. Steve Balmer, CEO Microsoft since 2000, is a strong contender and a mighty champion under whom Microsoft has flourished but not a replacement to Bill!!! 

To look at the history, Bill Gates was truly one of the founders of the Tech Industry as we know it today. He founded the World’s first (& one of the biggest) software industry. He built the Worlds first Operating System in collaboration with Apple and for those of us who believe that he certainly doesn’t deserve such a mention, the OS he founded drives more than 90% of the computers in his World. He dedicated his life to achieve his ambition of a PC on every desk and today he has achieved it (at least in all developed and most developing countries). He has helped in this industry’s growth and development like no one else and apparently, no one else can!


We salute you Mr. Gates for its just because of you and some others like you that I’m writing this and we are reading!



~ by Avi on June 22nd, 2008.

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  1. you are the best man ever i saw in this world

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