Hi to All…….

First of all, let me introduce myself. Im Avi…, currently a student. A tech-geek and gizmo freak.

I received my first PC (Compaq Presario Celeron 450 MHz) when I was 6. It was at 12 when I bought my first ever iPod and  I became a huge fan of Apple. Four years later I bought my first Mac, a MacBook (2.16 White). 

I love my Mac and my iPod and all the things that Apple has designed (almost all) and will continue to do so but it was only in recent years that my opinion about Apple neutralized. And once it did, well I realized that Apple is great, but not the best in everything. 

Now Im very happy and content (so is my family calling me an ‘Apple Pi’) and own a PC (assembled-e6750 8800GT 4GB DDR2 800) specifically for gaming and other Windows only software (e.g.: 3D’s MAX, etc.).


All my posts will be generally on technology while some might be about music and rarely about everything else.


I previously posted to .Mac but realized iWeb isn’t so powerful after all (but it’s themes and ease for us graphics designers {rather for all but the Web-geek} is a deadly combination for Apple to ensure we cough up $99 each year)! So, I considered blogger first, but even thats not to great and finally (and very happily), here I am on WordPress. I’ll be putting up my own themes and graphics once I set-up Apache and get used to this stuff.


Please Paste your comments on the Contact Me (Hello) page and I’ll try to reply ASAP. In the mean time, I’m also trying to settle around and will find a good email id specifically for Element9.


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